Post graduation life is pretty surreal. I am still having unfinished assignment dreams, but I have been having those since my days at ryerson, so this isn’t new. Just a nice new way for anxiety to manifest itself.  I’m also in the grips of stress about the next step. Like, I have ideas of what I want to do, and where I want to do it but does that mean they’re going to happen? Since the finishing school thing has had time to digest now all those pesky and then what happened…? thoughts are inevitably bubbling up. That being said, I did spend an hour and a bit filling out paperwork for my change of status, last night. After two years of not having to deal with status of residence forms I almost (almost) forgot just how long they are. My obsessive mind doesn’t help (pencil, pen, erase.)

okay, rant: over. Onward upward and shit is looking good. I have great options and I’m feeling excited about the next step in my life. Going back to school was the right thing to do, but I’ll tell you something for nothing: being a student really isn’t that profitable and I have shoes to buy. Do the math.


I’ve come to realise that my tenure at Bunka has really tapped me into my introverted side. I find myself staying home and revelling in time spent alone. I need to push past that though. Nothing gets done if you don’t make it happen. Spending time alone in my, newly organised and tided apartment, is really doing me no favours. So like, time to go be around people and see… the sun…?



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