So, okay, am I totally buggin’ or something? While I realise that time forever passes, blah,  blah, yeah, yeah. Having said that, has anyone else noticed that we’re halfway through May and that means a) I am a billion and b) this year is a month and a half shy of being 50% over.
Perhaps as we age the wiring of our brain changes, on a fundamental level. I know I am not alone when I recall summer vacation feeling like a lifetime, and the dreaded school year felt like a decade. This is where the rewiring theory comes into play. Maybe we’re paying for, what I think of as, the stolen time of youth by losing time as days pass by, like trains leaving Shinjuku station. Right. On. Time.

Consumed by constant worry over my future (as always,) and flurry for events and happenings in 2017:  completing my MA, the loss of Pheebs and Phyllo, my mother’s visit to Tokyo, graduation, ageing, the Beacs, the loss of Wilma, the list feels like an endless scroll. I suppose all of these little things add up to the sum of life. A little depressing. Sorry ’bout it.



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