you gonna come for me…

… you better sharpen your claws. There are days in life when this song speaks to me. Give me strength Bob the Drag Queen. I think I will walk into Monday’s presentation, purse first.


Category is… Moody!

Today has been a day. A day. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I have been bouncing up and down from good to terrible mood throughout the day. I’m having trouble figuring out why exactly. Currently, things are totally a good look for me. I’m basically done my master’s, and I worked myself to the damn bone and brink of insanity for it. I’ve been able to relax and really start to think about the next step in the master plan known as my life. There is a distinct possibility that having this much time on my hands may be a hindrance. Million miles a minute, this brain of mine.

In other news, I had the chance to meet the sexy-idol group, ベッド・イン (Bed In,) and they were amazing and it was basically a dream come true. I need to focus on the good and be stoked about the next part of this roller coaster I call life. I have a plan, but I ain’t putting that bad boy on the internet! Who knows who could be reading this 😬


Kaori, myself, and Chan-Mai

And here is a video, but not for their latest single. This is obviously not the last time I’ll be mentioning them on here. They’re kind of my latest obsession. Bubble Era forever!!! 



so, I did my 試験発売 (exam presentation) for three profs. One I didn’t really know, one who I love and another one. We’ll leave it at that. It went way better than I thought it would, but I did know that shit inside out. I’m proud of myself, and I’m totally gonna graduate.

the strange thing is, now that I’m done with all this work, I thought I would just be content chillin and doing nothing. Meanwhile, I’m cutting out neoprene to make a shirt for myself. How fucked is that? I can’t find the front of a shorts pattern. But it’s at school. I guess I’ll be making things forever, even if it’s not professionally?



While I acknowledge that hammering grommets into place is extremely satisfying, my fingers are in extreme disagreement.  They have been hammered one too many times, and al for two grommets. yes, two. two. nothing time won’t heal, and it’s actually a great way to procrastinate making my presentation. I am good at public speaking but it may be my least favorite thing to do ever. Also, the odds are my friend Rob, the maker of the documentary Shark Water has died after a dive. One minute he had surfaced, and the crew looked away, and when they looked back he was gone. So, that’s just great. Perhaps I’m sounding negative but, generally, optimism doesn’t work out so well in a situation like this.  Things fall apart, and that’s sometimes just a part of life and must be accepted.  But fuck, if it doesn’t fucking suck.

of course

Here I sit, 5:55 am, fiddling around with garments to make sure they’re perfect because I have issues. I am 4 centimetres short of my bias binding fitting along the hem of a shirt and I am fucking pissed. Now I have to go to stupid Okadaya, after some sleep, and shell out more money. All for the sake of perfectionism and an obsessive need to feel like I’ve done everything possible. Determination? Good. Setbacks? Story of the goddamn life. But I graduate in like, a month so that’s really cool. Then I can get a job and stop eating (cheap) cheese sandwiches for dinner.

i swear.

Perhaps it’s because I’m not from Japan, and I’m not used to the way schools work here. In the past when I’ve been shaded hard by a professor, I’ve come back and made it clear that it’s inappropriate and unprofessional to treat students with such disrespect. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure it’s just something I have to deal with, but I’m not the best at biting my tongue, so this is quite the test.




well, the has come and gone. My boo Yasmin and I had our photo shooting with incredible Hasselblad camera company. I was skeptical, because hi, I’m always anxious and skeptical of everything. I must say, I was exceedingly impressed with the entire experience. Blue filtres on my all black everything looks amazing. My bff, and sustah for life, Chris, was my amazing model. Once the photos are processed and good to go, I’ll put them on here.

While, yes, I have a lot left to do to make it perfect I’m damned proud of my work. and I don’t get very proud of a lot of shit I produce. But this rules . The whole thing rules.

it feels odd to know I don’t have major commitments tomorrow. And to basic bitches who thought I couldn’t, who’s laughing now?